1. It can Reduce And Prevent Pain

  • A strong core stabilizes you and can work like a natural brace for your joints.

2. It can Make You Look Taller and Thinner

  • When you strengthen your upper back and shoulders, your muscles are pulled back and down, removing any trace of a hunch, or bad posture.

3. It can Delay the Aging Process

  • A strong core can keep your body aligned, so that you can function properly.

4. It can Improve Mental Function

  • Having an aligned and stable spine allows your brain to receive your body’s messages more efficiently.

5. It can Improve Performance

  • Stabilizing your core increases your fine motor skills, so you are able to stay more balanced, and react quicker on unstable surfaces.

Strengthening your core (the muscles from your hips to your shoulders) can improve your life at so many different levels.  It can help you reach your fitness goals but it can also improve your overall health.  I hope these facts help to remind us all that fitness isn’t just to help us look better on the outside but it improves our health and helps us to be stronger each day. Follow me on Pinterest or checkout my Facebook page to find new Abdominal and Core exercises that really work!



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