When trying to achieve that super sexy, sculpted flat stomach for Bikini season, we all tend to forget one very important thing! We can do all the planks, crunches, and sit-ups in the world to tone and strengthen our abdominal muscles, but if we do not eat the right foods we will never see the results !

Here is a list of foods that are all great at helping us achieve that flat stomach. Keep these on hand in your kitchen all the time, conquer hunger and cravings with right choices!

My 10 Must Have Flat Belly Foods

  1. Oatmeal ( my go to breakfast) – it helps maintain blood sugars so we don’t binge.  Plus it is fibre packed to help keep you feeling full longer.
  2. Almonds ( great snack on the go) – packed full of healthy fats that help reduce cravings.
  3. Kale (I wash and keep in freezer, it goes in all my smoothies) – natural anti-inflammatory properties, help to reduce bloating. Also a flavonoid so it wakes up the metabolism.
  4. Low fat Yoghurt – Great source of calcium, and probiotic wich helps to prevent bloating and fights fat storage.
  5. Quinoa ( I can eat this for breakfast,lunch and dinner) – packed full of protein and fibre wich keeps you feeling full longer.
  6. Avocado – packed full of healthy fat , and provides you energy.
  7. Watermelon (tastes great in summer salads)  – packed full of water 92% to be exact, wich helps flush extra water from your system and reduces puffiness.
  8. Garlic (always in my kitchen) – helps to detoxify, reduce bloating and reduce fat in the liver.
  9. Salmon (my favourite protein) – this fish helps boost your metabolism to burn fat faster because of the high Omega 3 fatty acids.
  10. Berries (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries) – pumped full of fibre and vitamin C they keep you full longer and boost your immune system.



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