While Maybelline offers a large variety of beauty and makeup products, my favourite would have to be Baby Lips!  My number one beauty must have has always been a good lip balm and lip gloss.

  I discovered the Baby Lips lip balms when they first launched and since then have gone thru multiple tubes and colours.  You can always find a Baby Lips lip balm in my purse.

Maybelline baby lips! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

The lip balms go on smooth, are SPF 20 and offer up to 8 hours of hydration.  You can choose a transparent one such as the “Maybelline Baby Lips moisturizing lip balm in Peppermint” wich leaves a slight tingle and minty “scent” or something with a hint of colour like “Maybelline Baby Lips moisturizing lip balm in Pink Punch” wich has a vibrant pink hue and fresh scent of fruity punch.   There are also other options available for extremely chapped lips, you can try Maybelline  Baby Lips Dr. Rescue medicated lip balm.

Maybelline baby lips! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

  I love Baby Lips moisturizing lip balms there are so many to choose from and you can pick one up at your local drugstore for under $5.


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