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Do you want to look good this summer?  Well I have done some of the work for you.  Try one of  my favorite arm workout videos to target those soon to be sexy arms!

I don’t know about you, but with my hectic schedule, I need a workout that is efficient and effective but doesn’t take up too much of my day. The best part is, all of these workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home.  All you will need is access to the Internet and You Tube to get started!

Grab yourself some light weights or resistance bands as suggested in one of my archived posts (My top 5 must items for toning Arms!) and start sweating with one of the recommended workouts below.

My top 5 beginner/intermediate Arm Workout video picks!

 These workouts can help you reach your fitness goals, with hard work and little motivation.  I have used each and everyone of these videos in my daily fitness routine.  I find them all to be effective and have enjoyed the convenience  of doing my workouts from home, anytime I can squeeze them in!  For more workouts like these check out my Fitness Boards on Pinterest.

What kind of workouts do you like to do?  Have a favourite video you would love to share?  Send me a link, I would love to check them out.  For more great workouts,  check out my Top 5 favorite Ab videos.


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