I’ve only been filling in my eyebrows now for the past few years, I had been  watching makeup tutorials on-line and discovered what a difference a great brow could make.   Great eyebrows provide balance and definition for the eyes.   I have done a lot of experimenting with different products over the past couple of years.  The last thing I want is to look like I’ve drawn them on!   This is a common mistake because it can be quite difficult to get a natural look– there really is an art to perfecting the brows, but with the right tools and a little practice anyone can do it.

I have never really had to wax or pluck as I have very thin, sparse eyebrows.   I have always used a clear eyebrow gel or clear mascara to hold hairs in place but found that a good shape just wasn’t enough , they needed to be fuller and thicker looking.

How to achieve the perfect looking natural brows! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

To achieve the look that I desire, I start with a clean brow shape ( no strays ) and then apply a little clear Chapstick to my brows first  ( Yes I said Chapstick , no expensive brow gels here!).   The Chapstick provides a great base for my next step and helps to hold hairs in place too.   I use a matte eyeshadow in a dark brown shade that pairs well with my hair color.   Using a small angled brush I make short, gentle upward strokes following the direction of  the hair growth.   I begin on the inner corner,  first shaping the underside of the brow and then moving along the brow towards the outer corner.   This helps to fill in the brow  a bit by giving it more color.   Next I use a brow pencil in a similar shade , to make small, gentle, hair like lines through out the brow to fill it in more without making my brows look painted on.   Be very careful not to make any harsh lines.   I finish off my brows with a clear mascara to help set and hold hairs in place.

I’ve found it to be fast and easy to create natural looking brows.   I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite makeup tip.   I always do my brows, wether I am getting all glammed up for a night out, or just throwing my hair up and heading out to get groceries.   Nice brows can make the simplest of makeup looks seem polished and beautiful.   I hope this helps you to explore new techniques to simplify your daily beauty routine without breaking your wallet!  Please leave your comments below and let me know what products you use for your brows.   For more great makeup tips for your eyes, follow my All about eyes! board on Pinterest.



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