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With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would talk about one of the most popular beauty accessories that women purchase around this time of year.  False eyelashes were first used in Hollywood in the early 1900’s, but didn’t become popular until around the 1960’s.  Today with such an exciting variety of colours and styles on the market, so many different looks can be created.  False eyelashes are a great addition to any Halloween makeup application or  dramatic evening look.

Different types of false eyelashes


Individual Lashes/Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

1. Individual lashes – these are the least common type of false eyelashes.  Each lash is separate and needs to be applied individually.  These lashes can help create a very natural and discreet look.

Cluster Lashes/Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

2. Cluster lashes – these lashes come in a variety of lengths.  They are natural looking and comfortable to wear.  Cluster lashes provide more thickness than the individual lashes and are most commonly used in bridal makeup applications.

Strip Lashes/Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

3. Strip lashes – the most commonly used of all false eyelashes, these strip lashes extend across from your tear duct to the end of your natural lash line.  Available in many lengths and thicknesses it is easy for anyone to find the right fit.  You can also trim the strip if it is a bit too long for your lash line.

Fantasy Lashes/Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

4. Fantasy eyelashes – this style lash comes in a variety of bright colors, extreme lengths and added details, such as glitter, crystals and other fun effects.  The fantasy lashes are most commonly used for carnivals, theatre and fantasy makeup applications.


Applying false eyelashes

First step to applying your lashes is to choose the style most suitable to the look you are trying to create.  After you have purchased the perfect lashes, remove them from the packaging  very carefully as they are very delicate.  If using strip lashes hold them up to your lash line to measure if the length is correct before applying any glue.  If the strip lashes are too wide for your eye then trim them before proceeding.  Next using tweezers hold your lashes and spread the glue along the lash base using the applicator.  Starting with one eye, gently pull up on your eyelid to reveal your natural lash line and begin pressing the false lashes on the roots of the natural lashes using your fingertips or round tipped tweezers.  When you have completed the application process wait a minute before opening the eye to ensure they are securely attached.

Removing  false lashes

Start by applying a damp sponge to your eyelids to soften the glue.  You can combine warm water and a gentle cleanser in a bowl ahead of time to soak the sponge.  After soaking the eyelid with the damp sponge,  apply waterproof makeup remover to a cotton pad and in a gentle downwards motion rub the eyelids until the lashes lift off.  Gently pull to remove them completely.  You may proceed to finish cleansing your eyes and face as usual with your regular skincare routine. I like to use a natural d.i.y eye makeup remover wich works great, just combine half and half of olive oil and witch hazel.


– once you have removed eyelashes from the eyes, rinse gently with a mild soap and water solution to remove any glue rescue then place in original packaging so they retain their shape.

– when using false lashes, avoid creams and oils on the eyelid to prevent lashes from rubbing off easily.


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