When you are always on the go and spending most of your time getting from point A to point B,  it’s important to plan ahead.  Keeping healthy snacks and water on hand at all times will keep you in check, so you don’t find yourself heading to the drive thru to curb your cravings.  Nuts are not only one of the easiest snacks to take with you on the go, but they provide many health benefits too.

Best grab and go snacks to better your health! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

Almonds would be the number one choice of nut for snacking, often a favorite among nut eaters.   Not only are these little gems low in calories and high in calcium they are the best choice for health and disease prevention.  Rich in vitamin E and fibre they help fight inflammation and conditions such as lung cancer.  Almonds are available in many varieties such as raw and toasted, or try a fun flavour like wasabi or barbecue.

Best grab and go snacks to better your health! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

 If trying to pick the best overall nut choice I would have to say don’t pick just one, go for a good mixed bag.  Ideally raw and unsalted, mixed nuts will provide the best variety of antioxidants and nutrients.

For a  little added treat, throw in a handful of dried fruit or dark chocolate chips.  What kind of nuts do you like?  Keep a little bag of your favorite nuts on hand in your vehicle or purse and you will have happy snacking!  For other great healthy snack ideas see My top 5 favourite on the go snacks!



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