I am very excited and happy to introduce Tahra as my guest writer for this post. Tahra is a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast, who like many of us began her journey not so long ago, as the girl who would apply Guerlain’s terracotta bronzer all over her face thinking it would act as foundation.  Now confident with her own makeup skills she has become the best version of herself and is ready to share!  I first connected with Tahra on Instagram when I  came across a very stunning image she had posted.  It was a simple image of makeup, but it was showcased so beautifully. It was this one image that drew me to her profile @bytahra seeking more!  Upon checking out Tahra’s Insta profile I discovered not only was she sharing what she loves with others, but she was very talented and passionate!   I hope you all enjoy this cruelty free inspired post, if you like what you see you can follow Tahra on her journey here! 

xoxo Saundra 💕

Cruelty Free beauty as seen by Tahra

I was originally very skeptical about social media. For some reason, I only associated them with “trolls”, those who would insult you just because they felt like it. But then, as my makeup love and collection grew, I took the plunge and decided to take the risk of encountering “unpleasant” people.  It would be a small price to pay, so that I could share my makeup addiction with the rest of the world. 😊

To my biggest surprise, I have connected with so many amazing people (and nobody has insulted me yet!  Cross my fingers, knock on wood, haha!).   One of the people I came across was the owner and author  of www.fitfabulousbeautiful.com ,  who not only has awesome pages on Instagram and Facebook, but who is also an all around great person. In fact, she contacted me for a collaboration.  I was ecstatic and immediately said  “Yes”!  When I was saying that she is amazing, not only is she supportive of small beginners like me, but she wanted an article that promotes “clean” and cruelty free brands.

At first, I thought: “this will be a piece of cake”!  I already know the brands I love and I was under the impression that nowadays, everyone was on the “clean” and “cruelty free” bandwagon.  Boy oh boy was I wrong… and disappointed! Some of my favorite brands were not cruelty free and for others, the ingredient deck was not consistently “clean” from one product to the other.  So I had to do way more research than I originally expected.  In the end, within my collection, I was able to single out 2 brands that I will present in 2 categories: affordable and high-end.


Just another girls view on the world of cruelty free beauty! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful
Image courtesy of @bytahra

I wanted to highlight the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your makeup while staying true to your values. In this category my favorite brand is Makeup Geek.  You cannot go wrong when buying from this brand.  I have a weakness for their foiled eyeshadows.  They are simply to die for and an astronaut could see you from outer space!  The girly girl in me loves how shimmery and sparkly they are.

Just another girls view on the world of cruelty free beauty! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful
Image courtesy of @bytahra

I would also like to give an honorable mention to e.l.f. cosmetics. To my biggest surprise, they are cruelty free!  Unfortunately here in Montreal (Canada), it’s not easy to find this brand at the drugstore, but I might just go ahead and buy them online. I only have a blush palette in my collection that I bought during my latest trip to New York and it is just amazing: super pigmented, soft and dirt cheap!


Just another girls view on the world of cruelty free beauty! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful
Image courtesy of @bytahra

On the high-end side, I love Nars!  I use their Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer daily,  to even-out my skin tone.   I am always getting compliments from people because it really gives the “your skin but better” effect.  I prefer this product over a thicker foundation for every day use.   As my skin is very sensitive, the light formula won’t  irritate or clog my pores, so this product is the perfect option for me.  As an added bonus, from the ingredient deck perspective it would be difficult to make this product any cleaner!   If you check out the Sephora website, the list of elements not found in this product is very impressive!  To be completely honest, the ingredient list is not consistent from one product to the other. But, after some research, I did confirm that NARS is definitely  cruelty free.  Very good news for me as I have a little obsession with their blushes!

The honorable mention goes to Too Faced and Kat Von D!   I do own some Too Faced products, mainly because of the cute and girly packaging. But now that I have learned how these two brands strive to be clean and cruelty free, I have a new found respect for them.

So all in all, this collaboration with Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful ended up being an eye opener. I won’t throw away anything from my makeup collection yet,  because I paid a pretty penny for most of it.  But at least now, I will be more aware and I will buy and support the brands that are in line with what I truly believe in.

Let us know what are your favorite brands? Are they clean? Are they cruelty free? Do you know what cruelty free brands are available?





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  1. Great post!! Nowadays it’s comforting to see that several brands strive to put the quality and ethic first! And a big shoutout to Tahra who demystified makeup for me and made it actually fun & efficient!!

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