With such a wide range of cosmetic and beauty products available on the market today, it is very important to know your skin type when selecting which products will best suit your skin care needs.  Using the right products will help to nourish, protect and balance your skin, providing you with the perfect canvas for makeup application.

There are several types of skin, do you know which category you fall into?

Simply Skin Care: Every Woman's Guide to knowing your skin type! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful
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1. Normal Skin – Less common than other types, normal skin has a healthy, flawless appearance.  It looks matte and feels smooth to the touch.  People with normal skin tend to have  less skin problems than others.

How to care for : use a moisturizer meant for normal skin and an alcohol free toner

2. Combination Skin – Usually uniform in color and plump looking.   This type of skin has oily areas in the “T” zone – nose, chin and forehead.

How to care for: Best if each zone is treated separate.  You can purchase moisturizer, cleaner and toner suited to the needs of combination skin, but results are better when using two different products.  Use an astringent toner to remove excess oil, then first apply a mattifying product to the “T” zone to control shine and finish by hydrating the rest of the skin with a dry – normal skin cream before applying your foundation.

3. Dry Skin – Skin tends to be dry due to a lack of water.  It may feel tight or appear flaky in spots.  Another feature of dry skin is the appearance of premature fine lines.

How to care for: Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and by applying a water based moisturizer at least twice daily.

4. Oily Skin – This type of skin is usually shiny and wet to the touch.  With oily skin, the onset of wrinkles may be delayed but pores are often visible.

How to care for: Use an astringent toner to absorb all the excess oil and use a water or gel based cream nothing with oil.

5. Sensitive Skin – This skin type is easily irritated, leading to redness  and/or spots.  Sensitive skin will never appear wet.

How to care for: If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid sun exposure and products with alcohol as it will lead to dryness and tightness.  I recommend using hypoallergenic products contains soothing ingredients such as chamomile  or aloe vera.

Still not sure what skin type you have?  Then ask yourself the following questions :

After cleansing, my skin is ……..

  • tight and a little stretched – Dry
  • clean, but shiny within approx. 20 min – Oily
  • in good condition – Normal
  • a bit shiny in the “T” zone – Combination
  • a little red – Sensitive

When I don’t moisturize at night, the next morning my skin is ….

  • rough or scaly feeling – Dry
  • shiny or greasy – Oily
  •  the same as the previous day – Normal
  • a bit shiny on the forehead – Combination
  • red or scaly on cheeks and around the nose – Sensitive

No matter what your skin type there are a few important things to remember to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Simply Skin Care : Every Woman's Guide to knowing your skin type! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful
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1. Cleanse your skin regularly ensuring to completely remove all your makeup each and every time.

2. Moisturize daily with products that best suit your skin type

3. Protect your skin from harsh elements such as sun, smoke, wind and pollution.

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