Today I want to show you all how I made my own super-easy makeup setting spray.  It will leave your skin feeling refreshed and your makeup looking more natural.

Using a makeup setting spray will help to blend all your makeup together giving you a smooth dewy finish.  You will find several ready to use products available for purchase  meant to set or fix makeup, but you may ask, what is the difference?  A setting spray is meant to blend all your makeup together, giving it a more natural appearance.  A fixing spray is meant to make your makeup last longer – the best way to tell them apart is by checking the ingredient list.  If alcohol is one of the top ingredients listed, then it is meant as a fixing spray.  You will find that setting sprays are made up of mostly oils and glycerin.

All Natural D.I.Y Makeup Setting Spray! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

Many of these products claim to be all natural and free of  harsh chemicals such as Phthalates, Sulfates and Parabens.  But the real problem of course lies in the extensive ingredient list on the back which still includes things such as perfumes, alcohol,  and many other problematic preservatives.

So if you want to know exactly what you are spraying all over your face each day, try this simple makeup setting spray that not only requires just 3 ingredients, it will be much more cost-effective.  Of course you can search the internet and find many variations of D.I.Y sprays but I recommend  starting simple and then building from there.  Once you have tried it out you can then adjust the measurements by adding more or less of each ingredient to find the right formula for your skin type.   After a while you can begin experimenting by adding other ingredients such as essential oils and/or rose water to customize and create your own version of this must have product.

D.I.Y  Natural Makeup Setting Spray


All Natural D.I.Y Makeup Setting Spray! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

4 oz. spray bottle – check your dollar store or the travel section in your local drugstore.  I recommend testing the spray to ensure it releases a gentle mist instead of  a jet stream. ( If you are using an old bottle, disinfect it first with alcohol.)

Approx. 3 oz. water – Distilled water is best, but you can use boiled water after it has cooled.

All Natural D.I.Y Makeup Setting Spray! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

4 tsp. vegetable glycerin – This will thicken the spray and help to set the makeup. ( Ensure you check expiry date before using.)

All Natural D.I.Y Makeup Setting Spray! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

2 tsp. witch hazel – I like using the Rose Petal alcohol free Witch Hazel

To Make

Using a funnel, carefully pour the glycerin and witch hazel into the spray bottle.  Next add the water filling the bottle leaving just a bit of room at the top. Replace the lid and gently shake or roll to mix ingredients together.  ( Recommended to make in small batches as this product should be replaced after about two weeks when using natural ingredients and no preservatives.)

To Use

Gently shake bottle before each use and spray approx. 12 inches away from your face in a T and X motion.  Allow to dry and place bottle in refrigerator for extended shelf life up to three weeks.

Hope you enjoyed this D.I.Y beauty project, for another great D.I.Y beauty product try my favorite lip plumping scrub!



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