Proper makeup removal is an essential step to keeping your skin healthy. Going to bed with your makeup on will leave your pores clogged, preventing them from naturally balancing the PH of your skin.

You should always be washing your face twice a day. When you cleanse your skin in the am, you are washing away all the toxins that were released while you slept. When you cleanse the skin again in the evening, you are removing all the makeup and impurities that may have accumulated on your skin throughout the day.

3 steps to proper skin care:

  • Cleanse – start by removing all the makeup from your eyes and lips with a gentle makeup remover and cotton pad, then wash your face with a cleanser  best suited to your skin type.
  • Tone – applying toner with a cotton pad to your face will help to remove any remaining makeup or impurities. If you are just wanting to tone the skin, gently pat on with your finger tips. Ensure you use the appropriate type of toner for your skin type.
  • Hydrate – always apply moisturizer morning and night, to prevent drying of the skin and to provide a protective barrier against the harsh effects of the environment around us.

Here are a few great cleansers to try….

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How often do you wash your face?

I’m a twice a day kinda girl.  Leave your comments below.


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