When choosing which makeup colours to use there are no rules set in stone, but one thing is for sure not all shades will suit everyone.  Your overall makeup look will look more polished if you take into consideration the colour of your eyes, skin and hair.  In this post we are going to focus all of our attention just on the eyes.  The eyes can tell so much about a person, so play them up and accentuate one of your best features to make them pop.  This can be achieved by simply choosing the right colours.


Eyeshadow to make any eye color pop! / Fit.Fabulous.Beautiful

Blue eyes

  • shades of orange such as terracotta, peach, copper and bronze will warm up those baby blues and really make them pop
  • gold and brown neutral shades are always a compliment, great for a subtle everyday makeup look

Brown eyes

  • virtually any shade looks flattering on brown eyes
  • vibrant purples and rich plums will highlight the clarity of your eye color
  • a mossy green shade will lighten and brighten those brown eyes

Green eyes

  • enhance this beautiful rare eye color rather than let your makeup take center stage
  • warm neutral shades and purple will accent your green eyes and make them pop
  • use a shade of green slightly darker than your eyes to create depth
  • rust and cranberry will also look very beautiful

Hazel eyes

  • use bright violet shades to make hazel eyes stand out 
  • apply warm neutral shades to enhance your natural gold flecks 

Gray eyes

  • amplify your unique color with cool shades of blue
  • pewter gray, and shimmery charcoal shades will help to add depth and enhance your natural hue

If you are looking to step outside the box a bit when it comes to eye makeup, I have found some fun and vivid shadows that will work with every eye color.  Check out some of my favorite palettes below.

What are your go to shades?  Are you looking to try a new look?  Check out your local beauty store to see if they offer complimentary make overs with purchase.  This is a great way to test out new products and try new techniques!

Feature image courtesy of Carli Bybel 💕


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