Protein consumption is one of the most important factors in a woman’s diet today.  Yet very few of us are educated on why women need protein, how much we need, and how to incorporate it into our diets.  Proper nutrition can be complex all on its own, but as woman the confusion is an even bigger struggle.  Where do we turn to for nutrition advice these days.  As most of the information available for protein is geared directly towards men and increasing muscle mass.

You ask yourself, do woman have different nutritional needs than a man?  Well of course we do!  Not only do we have different fitness goals than most men, but most of us are looking to achieve a healthy, toned and lean physique, not a bulky one.  You need detailed information and advice designed specifically for the female body to help you achieve your goals.

Well, no need to stress and spend several hours trying to sift through everything on the internet to figure out what you need to know.   I have done the work for you, I have sorted through many resources of research and advice and think I have found what you need to know for your body.

I feel that the following information will help you keep your diet on track for success.  Understanding why woman need protein, can and will help you reach all your health and fitness goals!  I have broken down this guide into three sections to teach you the most important facts about why woman need protein too.

  1. Why You Need It
  2. How Much Do You Need
  3. Where Do I Get It

xoxo Saundra

Why Woman Need Protein

The benefits of protein can be endless.  Not only does protein help to maintain the basic health of hair, nails and skin but it is needed to help sustain the bodies most basic functions.  Most importantly you will need protein to fuel your muscles for regular workouts.

More specifically, protein can improve a woman’s overall health.  Eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and lean protein can help  you get fit, stay lean and speed up your recovery time between workouts.

Whether you might be trying to lose a few pounds or just maintain a healthy weight, eating protein can help to regulate your appetite.  Eating meals higher in protein take more time to metabolize, therefore keeping you feeling full longer and helping you to avoid those unhealthy cravings.

Your body requires protein for a speedy post workout recovery.  Protein specifically helps your muscles post workout by restoring depleted energy, helping repair muscle tissue and promoting new muscle growth.

How Much Protein Do You Need

After surfing through all the information on the internet, most sources I found suggested that you can calculate your protein needs by how much you weigh together with your current activity level.  I came across this one chart from POPSUGAR Fitness that does all the math for you.  Simply find your weight and current activity level on the chart to find your suggested protein needs.  When choosing your activity level, consider the “Active” column if you are the average woman who works out and the “Extremely Active” column if you are following a more serious fitness plan or weight-loss regimen.  Remember these are only general guidelines, as we are all created different and have different health and fitness goals.


Where Do I Get Protein

There are many protein sources available to suit all diet and lifestyle needs.  All animal sources of protein such as eggs, meat, fish and dairy are complete proteins which  include all the amino acids your body will need.  Or for those of you who may be vegetarian there are many vegan protein sources such as beans, nuts, and seeds but these proteins are incomplete and don’t include all the nutrients to help you build and repair tissues.  This simply means, when choosing an incomplete protein they should be paired with other sources so you are getting all the right nutrients.

Another option for adding protein to your diet, is a good quality protein powder.  Using one of these products eliminates the guessing by providing all that you need in one simple scoop and can be easily added to any diet.  But with so many options available on the shelves today, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

I turn to Vega when looking for a protein supplement, not only does it provide great performance but has superior quality and taste.  Vega offers such a wide selection of products that there is sure to be a product suited to each and every one of your needs.  All products are made from clean plant-based proteins and include added benefits such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, probiotics and all the essential amino acids for fueling your workouts and recovery.

Check out myvega.com for more information and try out their product selector to find the right product for you!  After you find the right protein, you can try one of my favorite smoothie creations in “HEALTH”💕



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